Recession Reality Check

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Chapter 1: What Is A Recession
Chapter 2: We Are In A Recession
Chapter 3: A Recession Is A Fact Of Life
Chapter 4: What To Do During A Recession
Chapter 5: Keeping Your Business Floating Until the Flood Waters are Gone
Chapter 6: How Low Can You Go?
Chapter 7: Keep Your Business Macro
Chapter 8: Open Yourself Up to the Possibility of an International Market
Chapter 9: Recession’s Effects On Your Business And How To Control Them
Chapter 10: How Your Business Can Survive A Recession
Chapter 11: Top 5 Recession-proof Businesses
Chapter 12: Recession Proofing Your Job
Chapter 13: Offer Suggestions on Ways to Save the Company Money
Chapter 14: Keep Looking
Chapter 15: If You Do Get Laid Off
Chapter 16: Career Shift During Recession
Chapter 17: Finding Recession Proof Jobs
Chapter 18: Recession Proof Your Home
Chapter 19: Buying Properties During Recession
Chapter 20: Buying Properties During Recession: Do’s and Don’ts
Chapter 21: Tips For Effective Tax And Personal Anti-recession Steps
Chapter 22: Saving Money And Recession
Chapter 23: Recession-proof Your Family’s Entertainment- Low Cost Ways To Have Fun
Chapter 24: Benefits Of A Recession
Chapter 25: Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Economic Recessions
Chapter 26: The Difference between Letting Yourself Thrive…
Chapter 27: Stock Market Investments
Chapter 28: A Virtual Treasure Trove-The Other Hidden Benefits of Recession
Chapter 29: Conclusion

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