Pregnancy and Childbirth Guide for New Couple

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: 26 Super foods For Healthy And Natural Conception
Chapter 3: Gaining Weight Too Fast During Pregnancy
Chapter 4: Causes Of Low Back Pain
Chapter 5: Pregnancy: Are You Ready To Have A Baby?
Chapter 6: First Aid Training For Childbirth
Chapter 7: Changing Roles
Chapter 8: Stages of Labour
Chapter 9: Once At the Hospital
Chapter 10: Your Role in the Delivery Room
Chapter 11: Comfort Measures for Her
Chapter 12: Labour Tool Kit
Chapter 13: Pain Medications
Pain Relievers
Chapter 14: Delivering the Baby
Chapter 15: Episiotomies
Chapter 16: The Baby Arrives
Chapter 17: Procedures for the Baby
Chapter 18: Reasons for a Cesarean Section
Chapter 19: Dad’s Guide to a Cesarean Section
Chapter 20: Deciding to Be There or Not
Chapter 21: Eating Well Even After Your Pregnancy
Chapter 22: Hair Loss After Pregnancy
Chapter 23: Loose Skin
Chapter 24: The Truth About Postpartum Depression
Chapter 25: Conclusion

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