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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: How To Use Creativity To Improve Your Life
Chapter 3: Definitions Of A Trademark, Copyright, And Patent Overview
Chapter 4: Functions Of The Patent and Trademark Office
Chapter 5: Searching For A Patent
Chapter 6: How To Get A Patent
Chapter 7: Steps Of Getting A Patent
Chapter 8: Using An Agent When Applying For A Patent
Chapter 9: Patent Laws
Chapter 10: Novelty And Other Conditions For Obtaining A Patent.
Chapter 11: The United States Patent And Trademark Office
Chapter 12: Publications Of The Patent And Trademark Office
Chapter 13: General Information And Correspondence
Chapter 14: Be Legally Protected
Chapter 15: Attorneys And Agents
Chapter 16: Who May Apply For A Patent
Chapter 17: Application For Patent
Chapter 18: Specification (Description And Claims)
Chapter 19: Examination Of Applications And Proceedings In The Patent And Trademark Office
Chapter 20: Appeal To The Board Of Patent Appeals And Interferences To The Courts
Chapter 21: Allowance And issue Of Patent
Chapter 22: Nature Of Patent And Patent Rights
Chapter 23: Maintenance Fees
Chapter 24: Correction Of Patents
Chapter 25: Assignments And Licenses
Chapter 26: Patent Marking And Patent Pending
Chapter 27: Infringement Of Patents
Chapter 28: Treaties And Foreign Patents
Chapter 29: Foreign Applicants For United State Patents
Chapter 30: Fees And Payment
Chapter 31: Conclusion

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