Lean Office

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Are you losing money due to wasted effort and low productivity of your knowledge workers?

Is your office inefficiency leading to low worker morale and high workforce turnover?

Are you losing customers or irritated due to disorganized office practices?

Applying Lean principles to your office operations can solve these problems and create efficient knowledge workers that are a real competitive advantage.

Given the success that Lean Manufacturing has shown in cleaning up production processes, why not achieve a Lean Enterprise by driving Lean Office practices into the front office where inefficient procedures, paperwork and bureaucracy in one area can stall the leanest efforts of other operations.

Lean is not about cutting staff and resources. Instead, it is about:
• Focusing people’s efforts creating value for the customer and eliminating waste.
• Speeding up the operation by eliminating idle time created by paperwork and bureaucracy.

In an office environment, the customer could be a consumer purchasing a product, a citizen receiving a service or another department or operation within the same organization. The primary goal of Lean is improved customer service. By working to eliminate “waste” that is not valued by the customer, we are better able to provide exactly what the customer wants, when the customer wants it and in the way the customer wants it.

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