Lean IT

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Lean IT promises to identify and eradicate waste that otherwise contributes to poor customer service, lost business, higher than necessary business costs, and lost employee productivity. To these ends, Lean IT targets eight elements within IT operations that add no value to the finished product, service, customers and organisations.

The aim of this book is to help you make key IT investment decisions that will propel your organisation’s IT function into the future and help maximise the productivity and efficiency of your organisation. A staggering 85% of IT directors have told us that their IT infrastructure was established over time, without a coordinated or strategic approach. With the pace of technological change, IT functions must now play a more strategic role in delivering company objectives.

Lean IT is an extension of Lean Principles, applied in an IT environment. The approach is a way of thinking and acting, focussing heavily on organizational culture. Lean IT is associated with the development and management of Information Technology products and services. Based on the core principles of Lean, this book will help IT departments become customer and value oriented, removing waste, inflexibility and variability. Lean IT departments and organizations benefit from increased customer value, eliminated waste, continual improvement and maintain value with less effort.

The principles of Lean IT are applicable to all organizations with IT operations regardless of industry or sector. Any organization effectively applying Lean IT will notice increased customer satisfaction, reductions of IT costs and increased productivity and ability to manage demand. Through a focus on efficiency, speed and reduction of waste within their value delivery processes IT organizations will ensure their role as a strategic partner in winning and maintaining customers.

Lean IT is built on the proven Lean practices developed in manufacturing organizations around the world and tailored for the IT processes spanning the Service Lifecycle. The central focus of Lean IT is on the flow of value to customers across all IT domains. The elimination of waste, where waste is defined as something that adds no value to a product or service, provides diligent focus on undertaking activities and processes and managing infrastructure and resources in managing the customer value stream.

Many organizations are adopting Lean IT in order to increase customer satisfaction and to achieve greater strategic and financial value.

By reading this book; you will:
• Be familiar with and have knowledge of the basic concepts of Lean and its core principles.
• Be acquainted with the use of several Lean IT analysis tools.
• Have an insight into what Lean IT can mean for an organization.
• Have an understanding of the application of the Lean philosophy in an IT environment.
• Be able to apply the principles of Lean IT practices under the guidance of a Lean expert.

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