Job Loss Survival Guide

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Five Ways You Can Be Prepared When Facing A Job Loss
Chapter 3: Life Changing Events
Chapter 4: Moving On
Chapter 5: How To Look For Jobs That Are Not Announced?
Chapter 6: Positively Thinking Out Of The Box
Chapter 7: Improve Your Interviewing Skills
Chapter 8: New Graduates Competing For Thesame Jobs
Chapter 9: Job Search Tips For Sales Professionals
Chapter 10: Tips For A Stress-Free IT Job Search
Chapter 11: Submit Resume Based On The Predetermined Priorities.
Chapter 12: Health Care Job Search Tips
Chapter 13: Must-know Tips on Executive Job Search
Chapter 14: How To Make The Best Out Of Job Fairs
Chapter 15: Successful Local Job Search
Chapter 16: Identifying Your Skills And Getting That Job
Chapter 17: The Ideal Resume
Chapter 18: Getting Started For A Cold Call
Chapter 19: Setting Clear Objectives
Chapter 20: How To Be Invited For Interviews
Chapter 21: How To Create A List Of Warm Contacts
Chapter 22: Follow Up On All Contacts
Chapter 23: Tips on Using Your Warm Contact List When Networking
Chapter 24: How To Get Referrals From Warm Contacts
Chapter 25: Are We Pre-programmed To Be Productive?
Chapter 26: Activity Plan For Those Who Lost Their Jobs
Chapter 27: Get Rid Of Procrastination, Now!
Chapter 28: Aggressively Written Resumes
Chapter 29: How To Cultivate That Vital Balance
Chapter 30: Conclusion

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