CEO Guide To Doing Business In India

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Chapter 1: Why India?
Chapter 2: Strengths Of The Market
Chapter 3: Opportunities In India
Chapter 4: Seizing the Opportunities
Chapter 5: Economic Overview
Chapter 6: Political Overview
Chapter 7: Priority Sectors And Indian Market Regulations
Chapter 8: Education and Skills
Chapter 9: Retail And Supply Chain Logistics
Chapter 10: Financial And Professional Business Services
Chapter 11: Creative and Media
Chapter 12: Fact-file Of Some Of India Tier I Cities
Chapter 13: Preparing To Export To India
Chapter 14: Market Entry And Start Up Considerations
Chapter 15: Import Regulations
Chapter 16: The Income Tax Law
Chapter 17: Imports Documentation and Standard
Chapter 18: Intellectual Property Rights
Chapter 19: Business Etiquette
Chapter 20: What Are The Challenges?
Chapter 21: Risks Of Doing Business In India
Chapter 22: Snapshot Of Country Profile
Chapter 23: New Era In UK-India Trade Relations
Chapter 24: How To Invest In India
Chapter 25: Conclusion

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