CEO Guide To Doing Business In China

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Chapter 1: Why China?
Chapter 2: Researching The Market Where To Begin
Chapter 3: There Are Significant Divides In China’s Regional Economies.
Chapter 4: Choose The Right Location
Chapter 5: Wider Opportunities In Greater China
Chapter 6: Establishing A Presence
Chapter 7: Find Customer Or Partner
Chapter 8: Due Diligence
Chapter 9: Employing Staff
Chapter 10: Language
Chapter 11: Marketing
Chapter 12: Branding
Chapter 13: Day-To-Day Communications
Chapter 14: Market Access
Chapter 15: Business Issues And Considerations
Chapter 16: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Chapter 17: Certification And Standards
Chapter 18: Currency Exchange And Transfer Of Funds
Chapter 19: Management. Control And Quality Assurance
Chapter 20: Overseas Business Risk – China
Chapter 21: Bribery And Corruption
Chapter 22: Scams: How To Avoid Them
Chapter 23: Relationship Building And Deal Making
Chapter 24: The Role Of The State
Chapter 25: Making Conversation
Chapter 26: Entertainment
Chapter 27: Gifts
Chapter 28: Meetings
Chapter 29: Presentations
Chapter 30: Deal Making
Chapter 31: Negotiating Techniques
Chapter 32: Counter play
Chapter 33: Contracts
Chapter 34: Return Visits
Chapter 35: The Concept Of Hosting
Chapter 36: China-UK Fact file
Chapter 37: Basic Mandarin
Chapter 38: Conclusion: China Is Here To Stay

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