All You Need To Know About Real Estate Unleashed

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Tenderfoot Education in Real Estate Investing
Chapter 3: Strategies In Real Estate Investing
Chapter 4: The Real Estate Sales Process
Chapter 5: Other Considerations in Investing
Chapter 6: Why Invest in Urban Real Estate?
Chapter 7: The Secret to Real Estate Riches Lies in Location, Location, Location
Chapter 8: How to Find Hot Markets for Buying Investment Property
Chapter 9: 101 Tips For Selling Real Estate
Chapter 10: Category 1: Knowledge Is Power
Chapter 11 Category 2: Know thy Area And Community
Chapter 12: Category 3: Know Thy Abode
Chapter 13: Category 4: Your Motives for Selling: Watch out for the Psychological Effect
Chapter 14 Category 5: Getting Serious and Getting Ready
Chapter 15: Category 6: Letting the Word Out: “I’m Selling my House!”
Chapter 16: Category 7: Showing Your Home
Chapter 17: Category 8: Negotiations, Settlement and Contract
Chapter 18: Conclusion

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