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Authors are at the heart of what we do at AA Global Sourcing Book Publisher

AA Global Sourcing Book Publisher is an independent book publisher, specializing in the ISBN publishing of high quality books for debut and professional authors. Our customized book publishing solutions provide authors who are accepted into our program with the power of a world-class book publishing, distribution and title fulfilment infrastructure to booksellers worldwide and the author retains full rights and creative control of his or her own manuscript.

AA Global Sourcing Book Publisher publish in all classifications, including fiction and nonfiction, academic, Christian, business, current affairs, politics, travel, biography, children’s and young adult, human interest, literary criticism, military, art and sport.

AA Global Sourcing Book Publisher’s global REACH service makes your book available on, and other online retail sites. This service also creates a listing for your book with Ingram Book Company which allows brick and mortar stores to purchase your book. This service requires an ISBN. We will provide you with free ISBN, if you do not have one.

AA Global Sourcing Book Publisher’s service is simple:
• Inventory Freedom: Books are printed to meet demand.
• Competitive Royalties: Some of the highest royalties in the industry.
• Affordable Copies: Low author book prices, regardless of order quantity.
• Library-Quality: Books Professional trade paperback binding ensures a book to be proud of.
• Expand Your Reach: We can build you author website linked to Amazon eStore to enable you to sell your book from your website.
• We guarantee your book to be on within 48 hours of publication. This will make your book available to millions of potential customers worldwide.

You can have all of the above services for: £397.00 plus VAT.

Please click here to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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